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WHAT THE HELL??!?! [ 13 June 2006 1:48]

[ mood | confused ]




Today, due to lack of sleep and studying, I couldn't go to Vardy99's live... just checked their site to see when their next live was (cause I want to see them again!)

And what do I find out?

Pon left the band today!! o______________o

And Tsuyoshi is leaving the band at the next live on the 5th.. o__________________________o


x-posted to x_vardy99_x and my journal

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~Thoughts on Vardy99~ [ 01 June 2006 2:23]

If you haven't gone and joined x_vardy99_x... go! Do so now! Cause I'm going to stop posting updates here soon!!

As something in the way of a livereport.. but not really a livereport... let me say that Vardy99 are looking to be actually BETTER than 華歌. Already, just in 2 lives, I can feel that they play so much better together as a team.. I don't know what the weak link in 華歌 was but, they were never PERFECT live... Vardy99 are already almost flawless and they've only had 2 lives.

Kouta is the same old Kouta but.. somehow he's grown up.. he seems more mature and confident in himself. (and is now picking on me from stage which he never used to do!! A sign he's grown some balls.. xDDD)

Tsuyoshi has SO much more confidence in himself now.. he's got more style.. and isn't afraid to let everyone know how awesome he is.

Pon is still the cutie of the band but, somehow he's going for a more serious style too. And it really suits him.. it suits the whole "mature" style of the band (can you tell I think this band are mature? xDD)

I don't remember K from Missa AT ALL... but Makoto is COMPLETELY different... I mean, I used to call him caveman cause of his outfit and giant mossy mouth makeup.. and now he's all GLAM!!

The band has.. the same elements that 華歌 had.. the things that made them unique, and that I loved about them. But their sound is SO much bigger.. and it's developed so much from the 華歌 days... The addition of Makoto (who's the leader of the band) I think has been the key figure in these changes.. They've written good songs.. they've practised hard. and I really think we can expect a lot from them.

Though I still wonder what the HELL is with the name.. Vardy double 9 is just.. STUPID!! x_x But, oh well! Can't have everything!!!

xposted to x_vardy99_x
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~Vardy99~ [ 12 April 2006 3:08]

[ mood | excited ]



☆ Vo. 浩太-kouta- (ex.華歌)
★ Gt. 魔琴-makoto- (ex.魅裟~MISSA~)
☆ Gt. 毅-tsuyoshi- (ex.華歌)
★ Ba. 封-pon- (ex.華歌)  
☆ Dr. K (ex.魅裟~MISSA~)  


x-posted to <lj comm="x_vardy99_x". If you're interested in following the band, go and join~!

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~Vardy99~ [ 08 April 2006 3:35]

[ mood | excited ]



I am soooooooo happy.. there just are no words! :))))))))))

I'm currently on a break from lj and the internet so, this post will be short.. but I just HAD to tell you all.. This was only just announced today~!!!


GO THERE! NOW! ;///// I demand it!!

Anyone recognize 3 of those bois?! XDDDDDDD

And.. in preparation.. x_vardy99_x GO!

yaaaahhhh.. hyper! *laughs*

Edit... AND omfg where did they get Aftershock from?!?!

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☆ Current member actiities ☆ [ 02 January 2006 4:27]

Since I've just started modding this community, I figured I'd better start updating more frequently! So, here's a quick post on what the ex members of 華歌 are up to over the next couple of weeks!

☆ 沼草 ☆
Next Live : 1月6日 @ 新宿HOLIDAY

☆ 東京リアルポンキッキ女学院 ☆
Pon + Tsuyoshi
Next Live : 1月10日 @ 池袋CYBER

☆ ハイロック ☆
Next Live : 1月18日 @ 大久保ホットショット

Currently as you can see, only Pon and Tsuyoshi are really up to anything.. and I keep bumping into both of them at lives all over the place so I get the feeling they're both kind of lost now without 華歌 to focus on all the time! Kouta also came to support them at their last 東京リアルポンキッキ女学院 live so he might be kind of lost too!

I should be at all the above lives I think so, will let you know what they're like~~!
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☆ Last Live Photo ☆ [ 02 January 2006 0:32]

Everyone had a quick cry over THIS yet?

I'm just thankful it's a small photo so you can't see all the black makeup streaks down my face from all the crying! (spot the purple blob.. hehe) But you can see that poor Pon-chan is sobbing his heart out... SO SAD!

Luckily I've been seeing Tsuyoshi and Pon in their session bands a lot lately.. and Kouta came to support them at one of their lives recently too so.. I'm still seeing them around. I don't know what you all want to do with this community now the band have broken up, but if you'd like me to keep updating with info on the member's new bands, please let me know!
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華歌 Last Live [ 08 December 2005 23:25]

[ mood | sad ]

And so that's it.. no more 華歌.

The live was predictably depressing. Most of their set was fine.. we were all having a great time, they were playing the best they've ever played (you could just tell they knew it was the last time they'd be playing these songs) and everyone was smiling and happy. Of course then they chose to finish with 『さざんか』 as I'd expected they'd do. I'm sure none of you have ever heard this song, but it's the reason I love 華歌. There's no way I could possibly explain how beautiful it is, so you'll all just have to wait until the CD has been send out and i might post a clip or something (they didn't finish it in time to hand it out at the live). But, they'd hardly played the first couple of notes before Pon started sniffling and as the song progressed, Kouta was having increasing difficult singing. When the song ended they all just turned and walked offstage crying. Of course, we all cheered for an encore and of course they came back. Before playing their final song they all said a few words.. or tried to say a few words. But they were struggling to say ANYTHING through the tears. Kouta manage to sob out "みんな大好き!" (I love you all) before breaking down on the stage. And Pon couldn't even say anything.. he just sobbed and sobbed while my friends in the front row were screaming "PON CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!". Before the live I thought to myself "There's going to be an uchiage, I can't cry.. my makeup will die!" but I just couldn't help it.. there's nothing worse than watching a group of bois just sobbing onstage, especially a band you love. They then made us all huddle up at the front of the stage so they could take a photo (I was in the front row centre throughout the live and so ended up directly behind Kouta in the photo.. so if they ever do post it, I'll be the purple blob probably sticking out behind his head or something!) which is perhaps going to be the worst photo ever since the band and front row fans all looked DEAD from crying so much!

Howver, then came the humourous part of the evening.. I'm incredibly thankful for it actually because at least it put a smile on my face in the midst of all the tears. I'm guessing you all remember the photos I posted yesterday of the gift I made for the band (I included a giant expensive bouquet roses too). If you didn't catch it, check the post before this one. So yes.. I made each member a little bracelet with their name on it and was SO amused to find that during the in between band interviews (where one member of 華歌 would interview a member of the band who just played while the next was setting up) that Kouta had decided to wear his. I laughed SO hard. Of course, when it came for them to play their own set, they were all dressed in their usual outfits and Kouta had taken the bracelet off of course. HOWEVER, like I said before, after the main part of their set, they went offstage and came back a few minutes later for their encore and did their speeches. It wasn't until they started playing again that I realized that Kouta was wearing my bracelet suddenly.. and then I realized that they ALL were! They'd obviously planned earlier that they were all going to wear my stupid bracelets for the encore. And so there I was, listening to カリスマBaby for the last time live, crying so hard I thought I was going to burst but at the same time laughing my ass off at how ridiculously dorky these bois are (and how dorky I am for making them in the first place!) I couldn't help but imagine them all running offstage crying their little eyes out but still managing to remember to put the bracelets on.

And so カリスマBaby ended.. we all screamed the last line together, did the traditional "hold hands and jump" thing... the curtains closed, and my friends and I just started hugging each other and sobbing. That was it... no more 華歌.

After the live their was a 華歌 uchiage (live after party with a LOT of alcohol) that I of course went to and then got to be even further amused by the fact that Kouta didn't take his bracelet off ALL DAMN NIGHT. Every time I looked at him I laughed. His way of thanks was running over and showing me that he had one of the stupidly decorated boxes of cigarettes I gave him in his pocket.. Rensa just mumbled thanks cause he's SO shy.. Tsuyoshi said nothing at all cause he's even MORE shy (he was sending fangirls over to ask me questions instead of just coming and asking me himself.. funny).. And Pon, once he was wasted as hell, came over and told me he had the bracelet somewhere safe and how he was freaking out on stage when he saw beads all over the floor (he broke his own bracelet on stage) and thought he'd broken the bracelet I made him.. hahaha...

I wonder if these bois have never been given something this stupid before?! Either way.. I'm glad I did it.. I don't really have the confidence in my japanese abilities to talk to people properly and so I wasn't really able to express myself in words to them how sorry I am that they had to break up.. or how much I enjoyed being able to be a part of their band life. And as ridiculous as decorated boxes of cigarettes and tacky little bracelets are, I think that somehow through that I was able to say thankyou to them. And they were able to say thankyou to me in return by making such a big deal about wearing them onstage.

I'd write more.. but re-living this has started me crying again so I think I should leave this here for now. I'll post a set list and such later.. Sorry this ended up being so long...

Edit.. Someone want to explain to me why on earth this is no longer showing up on my friends page?!?!?! *confused*

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I have gone insane... [ 06 December 2005 23:55]

[ mood | sad ]

Whether this will make you smile.. or cry because of the situation.. or cry because I'M SO GOD DAMNED LAME.. I'm not sure..

I thought I'd take some photos for you all of my lame kaisan present for Kaca.. (to those who haven't realized, they're breaking up tomorrow). I got each member 2 packets of their favourite cigarettes which I decorated with different types of star stickers (actually nail stickers.. hehe).. and then made them each a bracelet with their name on it ( that's what you see wrapped around each of the boxes). How lame am I?!?!

Anyone else think I need serious help? Haha..

But I'm.. pretty stressed out about tomorrow obviously.. I guess right up to the point where a band breaks up you can just imagine it's not happening. And I just had to say goodbye to BLACK JACK a couple of days ago.. I'm not sure I'm ready for another session of crying in public!

Wish me luck....

*apologies for the bad quality of the photos.. my camera is broken so I'm stuck just using my phone*

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解散ライブ (T_T) [ 14 October 2005 22:25]

[ mood | sad ]

Announced at their 2nd to last live tonight...

December 7th @ 目黒鹿鳴館

It's also their event too.. their first. How sad that their first event has to be their last live.

Tonight was.. painful. Rensa (dr) looked close to tears.. I guess because it's his fault the band have to break up. Kouta (vo) was trying to be brave about it and so was fake crying and turning the whole thing into a joke. They also didn't play さざんか (sazanka..my favourite song) which was a shame because I really wanted to hear it but I think if they had played it everyone would have just burst into tears so perhaps it's best that way. I think I'll have to wait until the last live before I can hear it one last time.

And so that's it... only one more 華歌 live...

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[ 13 October 2005 13:59]

The News on their OHP shocked me really bad:


It says that Rensa quit, and because Kaca are four people they can’t do it without him, that means they disband!! More infos about their last live will be updated soon....
Please tell me I’m wrong .________.

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9月23日 @ 新宿 LIVEfreak - Live Report [ 24 September 2005 0:01]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Live report for tonight's 華歌 live @ 新宿 LIVEfreak on my lj.
Check it out HERE~!

(it's a report for the whole night... I've written about 華歌 in both the 華歌 section (obviously!) and the ドゥードゥースクラッチぁゃぴ section!)

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Colobar love [ 13 September 2005 10:17]
[ mood | bored ]


Okay, lovebar for all ^^

I'll make one for the whole group soon :P
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Rensa profile translation [ 27 August 2005 19:48]

I translated Rensas profile last week...
I thought he was cool before, but now I think he's even cooler xD
Dr.蓮沙Collapse )
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☆Live @ 高田馬場AREA + Photosets☆ [ 25 August 2005 0:38]

[ mood | productive ]

Hey there everyone~

So, I just got back from my a 華歌 live, my first in AGES! Before today I hadn't seen them for around 2 months or something insane like that. And I think I can safely say I was SHOCKED by how much they've improved.

I first saw 華歌 back in January. It was at RockMayKan and this was also the day I discovered 2 other bands who are I was soon to become a hardcore follower of (one broke up, but the other is going strong and I'm still following them insanely!). Back then.. 華歌 were seriously unpolished.. To say they couldn't play their instruments would be wrong.. more accurately, they couldn't play their instruments TOGETHER. As a band, they just weren't together (but they were really new to the scene back then). And they were all WAY to shy on the stage to pull it off, plus they were pretty much fan-less.

8 months has passed, and I've steadily seen them develop from bois who can't really play together to who they are today. They still have some kinks to be worked out, but I can definately see that coming with time. They can play together, they have stage prescence (only Rensa still seems shy, but he's a drummer so he can be!). Kouta is perhaps the funniest thing on the face of the planet (got so excited today he bashed his mouth on something (the mic? The floor? The drums?) and his gums were bleeding like crazy but he just kept jumping around). And afterwards before running offstage Tsuyoshi and Rensa ran around grabbing everyone's hands which was just silly. (for some reason Rensa felt in necessary to give me a high five rather than grab my hand which was even sillier). But it was SO much fun.. I can't explain how much better they've gotten.

OH!, and kagensakura, you'll be glad to know Pon's hair has grown out a bit so the blonde bits don't look quite as stupid anymore.

And so, here's my present for the day. Today I bought all the new photosets and I thought I'd share. Firstly.. all the usual stuff.. If you want to use these photos for anything.. your site, icons.. whatever.. PLEASE, buy the photosets. Band's like this can only survive because people buy their stuff.. and since they don't have all these photos up online, I can only assume they want people to buy them. So if you want the sets for yourself, I'm seeing the band in a couple of weeks.. Send me cash and I'll buy them for you. They're bad quality anyway since I don't have a scanner so I bet none of you will want to use them anyway! *laughs*

☆Pictures~☆ (kinda huge, so cut!)Collapse )

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Finally [ 23 August 2005 18:54]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So I just noticed that Kaca finally got the new pics up (sorry it took so long for me to figure it out :P)...haha, there new look has been on Visunavi for a while, but now up on there site with new ones ^^

Yay!!Collapse )

I really love this look!!
The fence pictures are really nice ^^

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kaca lyrics [ 12 August 2005 18:14]

Some time ago I romanized two of kacas lyrics.

カリスマbabyCollapse )
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*waves* [ 10 August 2005 20:06]

[ mood | content ]

Hello. A couple hours ago I finally found out that kaca had a music sample on their website. After listening to it, I found myself like this >>O_O<<. Meaning, holy fudge bars, I didn't think I would like Kouta's voice so much. I love the music style too. *__* I really want to hear more of their music! *excited*

Yep, well um as for a little about me ... my favorite jrock band is Nightmare and I also like Clavier and Metronome lots too. What else do I say >_>; O_O I live in the US? Okay, done.

KuRt is <3 too ._.

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[ 10 August 2005 14:19]
hi i'm newww :3 of course, i like Kaca XDDD and i've only heard one songs >.> and it's the one on their ohp ~.~ i live in the US, and that's about it :3
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[ 10 August 2005 20:32]



I find Pon scary.


WO for kaca community, ahem :D
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☆☆☆ [ 10 August 2005 21:20]
[ mood | chipper ]

First not-maintainer member. [yeah, I checked]

.... and yeah, you know me XDDD; ::dork::
I'm a dork. End info. ♪♪

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